How Frequent Should Parents Clean Baby Bedding Products

Babies have a practically weaker immune system than adults, therefore, everything around them must be as clean as possible. Baby bedding products ought to be washed regularly at a specified interval in order to keep dust or allergens at a minimal level.


 Bedding Sheet  1-2 times / week
 Pillowcase  2-3 times / week
 Blanket / Comforter  Every 1-2 months


Wash bedding products with baby laundry detergent

Try to avoid the use of detergent with chemicals such as dyes, chemicals, sulfates or fragrances. As baby skin barrier is practically weaker, detergents with harsh chemical may cause irritation to baby's skin.


Hand wash or delicate cycle
Try to avoid faster cycle of washing machine as it may damage baby’s bedding smoothness and softness; hand-wash or delicate cycle is recommended. It is also important to keep in mind that baby items are needed to be washed separately from the rest of the laundry.

Pick the right temperature to wash your baby's bedding. Aim for warm or hot water as it helps to disinfect effectively, the perfect water temperature that kills bacteria is at 60°C. However, do pay special attention to cotton material as high water temperature may potentially damage the fabric. For this, wash the bedding with warm water and iron it afterwards as high temperature from ironing is also proven to kill bacteria.


The use of a dryer is not recommended due to the excessive heat that may damage the delicate cotton fabric. Natural sunlight is the preferred method, as it has no unwanted impact and most importantly, sunlight is a natural disinfectant. To prevent mildew, do ensure that all of the baby's bedding are adequately dried before use.